Advanced Fundamentals for Underwater Image Makers 3.0

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Advanced Fundamentals for Underwater Image Makers 3.0

Boston Sea  Rovers- Saturday, March 9, 2019

1:00pm – 4:00pm

This is a three hour workshop covering fundamental concepts of underwater imaging. These concepts are part of both modern digital imaging (capture, post processing) and age-old analog underwater photography limitations (color, focus, angle of view .) Understanding these concepts is vital if you are:

  • Trying to optimize your image quality
  • Researching a purchase of new equipment
  • Fix particular problems in your images

Behind all the ‘bells and whistles’ tools, settings and product features available to the modern underwater image-maker, there are some fundamental concepts that will never change, and should be understood if you are to advance in making better and better photographs.


Most of these ‘bells and whistles’ are short cuts – ‘one size fits all applications’. They do not work on every image, especially the ones we want them to work on the most! You need to know how to get to the heart of the problem and fix it yourself .

Other ‘bells and whistles’ are simply best fit technology that is limited in the first place. But it is all we have so you need to know where it will and will not work. And know the work-arounds if available.

And of course there is ‘Marketing BS’ where camera, housing, lighting and software sales folks tell a story about their products which upon deeper looking, don’t quite hold up to scrutiny.

Have ever asked yourself:

  • Why is the water column in my picture not smooth but instead has ‘banding’?
  • Why can’t I get the color on screen or in a print to match the color I remember seeing on the dive?
  • Why are my corners all blurry?
  • Why does my underwater lighting look so harsh?
  • Why does my camera / lighting system not work as planned on the dive?

To get answers, we will explore the ins-and-outs of underwater port optics, underwater lighting, camera features and settings, filter use, tripod use, color theory, color management, image noise, file types, workflow, and printing and displaying images.

Contact: Tom Easop +1 (603) 283 6630 or

Workshop Outline

In Water Analog

  • Optics
    • Water Column
    • Ports
      • Flat
      • Dome
        • Entrance Pupil Alignment
        • Focus
      • Others
    • Shades
      • Inside
      • Outside
      • Custom / Combination
  • Camera Settings
    • Aperture Size
    • Shutter Speed
    • Display
  • Lighting
    • Speedlight (Flash)
    • Continuous Light
    • Color Filtering

In Camera and Computer Digital

  • Color Theory
    • Color Modes
    • White Point
    • Color Space
  • Color Technology
    • Capture Methods
    • Noise
    • Color Dimensions, Gamut, Tone Curve
    • RAW Image Development
    • Levels, Curves, Color Adjustments
    • File types
    • Color Space Changes

Diving In – Putting It All Together

  • Preparing  – Research, Testing
  • Best Practices Before, During and After the Dive
  • A Hybrid Analog  – Digital Workflow
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