Beyond Good Dive Practice, Photo Technique and Image Workflow: A Lifetime’s Worth of Cardinal Rules and Core Concepts for Making the Best U/W Photographs Possible – 2024 Boston Sea Rovers

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Boston Sea Rovers – Saturday, March 16, 2024

1:00 pm – 4:00 pm Georgetown Room ( upstairs )

$80.00 workshop fee, includes manual

Tom Easop has spent a lifetime photographing the underwater world. From this experience, he has developed Cardinal Rules and Core Concepts to optimize underwater image-making. Using these rules and concepts led to unique, optimized practices, techniques and workflows.

In this workshop I will teach you my rules and concepts as well as the resulting “hands-on” skills for optimizing your diving, underwater photography, post-processing and storage of your images.
Organized chronologically through a typical dive trip the topics include:

preparing and handling your cameras and lights
focus tactics – not wasting depth of field
speed light vs. continuous light
exposure & white point(s)
automatic vs. manual tactics
power tactics
safe capture storage
pixel geography, compression & The Color Dimension
RAW development considerations
DNG? & file types
LR vs. PS and other applications for post-processing
combining digital tools
image masking
L*a*b* color & chroma variant spaces
backscatter tactics
non destructive workflow
cataloguing images & session folders


This is by far the most valuable workshop I have ever developed, imparting the most important information I’ve learned through photography and retouching schools, shooting and print making workshops, research, underwater camera building, and most of all – 45 years of experience of underwater photography. It will be time well spent for any underwater photographer or videographer regardless of skill level.
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